This web site was created for family, friends and fellow genealogists.
Also it is for people interested in the shops, pubs, hotels and inns that are, or were, in Wells, Somerset and the surrounding villages; so many are now closed!


Including the following surnames and related families

2000+ individuals; Aikman, Bruce, Champneys, Clarke, Cleland, Corrie, Cotterill, Farina, Fisher, Frost, Holliday, Howard, Jackson, Lister, Pattle, Penton, Smith, Snodgrass, Stockwell, Vine



Family Tree

Over 2200 individuals. The information is constantly being updated.


  Diaries, Letters and Research

A selection of transcribed records


Champneys and Duckworth

Family Tree for Champneys / Champnes/ Champenes and Duckworth surnames. This is very much work in progress and much of the information has not, as yet, been verified - I have been working together with Bobbe June Bender to put this together


  John Aikman and Helen Thompson

For the descendants of John Aikman and Helen Thomson - details of people researching this family.


Family Photos

A collection of photographs listed by surname and in family groups


  Local History and Monumental Inscriptions

Bits of information I have collected about where my ancestors lived (and died)


. Wells Local History

A list of shops, pubs, taverns, hotels and inns in Wells Somerset and surrounding villages. Many are now closed but some survive!


. Henslow





My interest in family history came through my father John Stanley Howard Vine, who had a collection of information and photos that he had spent many years collecting and collating. I offered to type up his research and, as a result, became hooked. One of the most interesting (to me) items he had collected was a transcription of a diary written in the early 1800's. It was full of names and dates and started me on a quest to prove or disprove the information. This quest will last many years! Once I had typed this up I started researching my mother's side of the family and found that one of her cousins (Ann McKay) had already done years of work and generously sent me the information she had collected. A great start. Over the last four years I have made contact with some wonderful cousins from all over the world and have even met with one or two of them.

My aim is to gradually build this web site, learning as I go along! If you have any ideas how I can improve this site, please send me an email.

In my research, I have had a lot of help from many people - thanks very much to all of them especially:

Sylvia Barnes

Bobbe June Bender

Jim Combe

Rob Darlington

Mary Pattle Hover

Maggie Fruitman

Joan Frost

Damian Fox

Rosemary Hooker and her family

Ann McKay

Peter MacPherson

Jane and Glyn Thompson

Nikki Vine

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