Copy of a Diary kept by Mrs Jackson (circa 1850's?)

Transcribed in handwriting by George Howard Jackson (her Grandson) 1911?, transcribed by JSHV 1980's then transcribed by NV from 28/2/2001

I understand that George Jackson had a copy of her diary in his possession and the list of facts that follows are drawn from the diary as well as from the various letters in his possession.

"Wrote to my dear mother 9th April 1811. Wrote to Sister Myers in April and May 1811 (received). Wrote to Mrs Warlow on April 27th 1811. Wrote to Brother Robert 27th April (received). Wrote to Mother, Sister Myers, Miss Kipling in July, (rec'd). Wrote to Betty Myers in Sept. 1811. Wrote Mother in Nov., Sister Myers in November (rec'd)."

"Wrote to Mother 3 times in February 1812. Wrote to Sister Myers 3 times in February 1812. Robert once, Sister Fanny once, Mrs Masters once, Mrs Rowe once, Miss Kipling once, Betsy Myers once all in February 1812."

"I wrote Mother and Robert in June 1812. Wrote Mother no.4 Sister Myers, Betsy Myers. Wrote Sister Myers September and Mother. Received"

"Wrote to Mother, Sister Myers, Sister Butler, and all friends January 1813 received."

"Wrote to Butler Mothers, Sister Myers, Robert ad Miss Hulson in April. Wrote Mr Kringson(?nv) in May. Received, wrote again in June. Wrote Mother in April. Myers, Butler, Robert in August 1813. Rec'd. Wrote Mother, Myers, B?, Robert, Mrs Corrie, Mrs Howard Oct 1813 all one letter. I wrote I wrote Sister Myers in Dec 1813 received."

"I wrote Brother Robert July 1814 received."

"I wrote Mother one letter in February and Sister Myers two letters in July 1814."

"I wrote Sister Myers 2 letters in February 1814 and one in March."

"I wrote Sister Myers, Mother, Robert, Miss Kipling in 1814."

"I wrote all my friends in January 1815. Recd. 7 letters Received Margaret Melford(?). Mrs Howard Junior March 1815."

"Extracts from other letters listed:

George Paddison married to Miss Mary Ann at Liverpool June 22nd 1852

A son born July 1853 (Owen - ghj) and is doing well

Another son born 10th December 1854 (Edmund - ghj)

Howard Jackson married to Hannah Catherine Medley on 3rd September 1844

A son born June 1846, Another child, a girl, born dead

Howard Jackson arrived 5th June 1844

George Paddison left us 17th April 1853 Owen Paddison's birthday (?)

George Paddison and Mary Ann had a son born 10th July 1853 (Owen)

A second son born 10th December 1854 - Mary Ann and George Paddison the parents

John Jackson married to Miss Maria Pattle on 17th January 1837 in Calcutta

Adelini (Mairia) Maria born the 14th November 1837 (Duchess of Bedford - ghj)

Corrie John born 1839, he died 2 years later

Mary Loo born December 1841

Julia Prinsep born 7th February 1846

Adelini married 21st August to Henry Hatford Vaughan the 21st August 1856

Revd. R Daniell married to Caroline Emma Jackson the 26th June 1845, Thursday

May 2nd by her brother George and Howard gave her away

Raymond S Daniell 8th December 1818

A SON BORN 10TH December 1851 on Wednesday a.22 amd baptised on Sunday 28th December. Raymond Henry Mitford

Caroline's baby had 2 teeth at five months, another tooth near nine months

A little girl born 13th May 1854 in the morning and baptized Tuesday, her name Mary Alice

Miss Mary Slocombe and Miss Mary Paddisson and Mrs Stretton the sponsors June 1854

Mary Alice had a tooth just before 6 months 9th November the first and then another on the 10th

Married on Monday 27th January 1834 at Burwell Park by the revs Prout, the Revd George Jackson of Colsterworth to Lydia, the eldest daughter of Matt. B Lister Esq.

Mrs G Jackson on Tuesday half past two in the morning of a daughter Matilda

Mrs G Jackson of a son born the 15th June 1837 at half past 11

In the morning and died 25th January 1838

Mrs G Jackson of Rosa, daughter, born 11th February 1842

Bertha, daughter born 11th February 1844

Mr T F Clarke married to Mary Elizabeth Jackson 18th October 1827

F F Clarke (son) born 17th August 1828

King. Son born the 21st August 1830 on a Tuesday

Edward Jackson Clarke born 19th July 1831 Monday Morning

Henry Clarke born 17th June 1833 and died four hours after.

Thomas Clarke married to Miss Palmer on the ? October 1854; he had a son.

William Butler married Miss Bartholomew the 8th March 1827

Edward Jackson married Sophia Frances Marris the 17th November 1836

Mrs Jackson's birthday 9th November 1806

Sophy Frances born 15th August 1837

and departed 22nd April 1838 aged 8 months and seven days

Eddy Howard son of Edward and Sophy Fraces, born 8th April 1841

Mary Ann Frances the 22nd May 1844

Mrs Edward Jackson departed this life 22nd April 1853 in Australia

William Jackson married to Jane Ewing on the 28th December 1926

Mary Jane, daughter of the above, born the 6th January 1828. I am godmother

William, son of William Jackson born 22nd August 1829

John Ellerton William Jackson born 22nd August 1831

Robert born 1833 died 1834

An infant born 22nd July 1835 and departed the same day

A son born 24th May at Portsmouth died

Mary Jane married to Mr Blizzard the 30th August 1856 a boy born

(Blizzard, London, Ontario, Canada - ghj) Larchfield, Ireland

Louisa Butler married to Lieutenant Candy on the 4th January 1825 (or 1828 - nv)

Hannah Maria Jackson married to Lieutenant Candy on the 30th September 1831

Charlotte Jackson married to Mr R Paddison on the 28th February 1825

George Paddison, son of the above, born 2nd November 1825 4.30 am I am the Godmother

Robert Charles, son of the above, born 30th October 1826 Monday 5.30 am Chequergate

Marianne Paddison born 6th June 1828 1/4 after 3 in the morning, Walkergate

Howard Paddison (5) born 28th October 1833 at 5.30 am at Ramsgate Row

Richard William born 1st December: (4) 1829 Tuesday 10.30 am, Walkergate

Sophia Elinor Paddison born 28th Oct: 1835 Tuesday at 2pm Ramsgate Row

Caroline Edith Paddison born 9th May 1843 6 o'clock in the morning, 34 Mornington Crescent, Hampstead, London

John Frederick (Frerddrick) Ellerton Esq. Of the Civil Service married to Miss Margaret Delicia Monat Keith August 9th 1816

George Ellerton born 9th September 1817

Frederick Charles Grant Ellerton born 3rd(?) August 1819

Margaret, daughter of the above, born 7th January 1822

Elizabeth Mary born 5th Nov (or Feb-nv) 1824 in England

Georgianna Hannah born 29th Dec. 1826

A son born 1832

Elizabeth Mary Ellerton married to Revd James Denning on the 7th August 1845 Thursday at her mothers

A son born to the above 14th December 1846 died 1848

A girl born June 1848 of Mr & Mrs Denning

A boy born June 1850

A little girl born 1852

A little boy born August 1856

My Mother was born on 24th February 1748 and my aunt Tiverton is two years younger. Sarah Tiverton 19 (or 29?-nv) in July 1814 John Butler married to Miss Ann Gunn 6th November 1824

Laura Lydia Butler born 25th February 1826 (died 1842)

Anna Emilia born 3rd June 1827

John Owen born 30th April 1828. I am godmother

Mark born 1830, since dead

A little girl born 1841

William Ayres and Elizabeth Mitford married April 2nd 1769

William Ayres born 27th January 1771

Hannah Ayres born 30th May 1772

Sally Ayres born 16th December 1777

William Myers and Hannah Ayres married January 27th 1787

Baby May (?) born April 1st 1789

Miss Elizabeth Myers married to Revd Mr Corrie on 16th November 1812

Emily Corrie born 28th November 1814

Anna Corrie born 20th June 1816

John Corrie born 30th September 1817

Laura daughter born 14th October 1818

Laura Corrie married to Bird Esq. 1835 and had a daughter born 1836

William Howard and Elizabeth Ayers married February 2nd 1778

Kitty Howard was born 22nd February 1779

Mary Howard was born 28th December 1780

Lydia Elizabeth Howard was born 22nd May 1782

William John Howard was born August 8th 1784

Frances Howard was born 6th November 1786

Robert Howard was born 28th April 1789

George Monat Keith and Kitty Howard were married May 1st 1793

Elizabeth Keith was born November 6th 1794

William Howard Monat Keith was born 19th December 1795

John Magnus Keith was born May 31st 1798

George Keith was born 15th June 1804, Died

Catherine Hannah was born 27th June 1814, Died

Cecelia Frances Keith was born 19th July 1816, Died

Mary Hannah was born 30th April 1818, Died

Isabel (Issabella) Anne was born 19th February 1820

Mary Howard and George Jackson were married October 1st 1796

George Jackson was born 9th Sept 1800 Monday 1 o'clock noon

William Jackson was born 1st Sept 1802 Tuesday 1 o'clock noon

John Jackson was born 17th Nov: 1804 Sat morning 4 o7clock.

Mary Elizabeth Jackson born 25th July 1806 Friday night 9 o'clock

Charlotte Jackson born 29th February 1808 (1857) Friday evening at 6 o'clock

Hannah Maria Jackson born 9th April 1810 Monday morning at 2 o'clock.

Howard Jackson born 21st Sept 1812 Monday morning at 3 o'clock

Edward Jackson born 3rd June 1814 Tuesday morning at 9.30

Caroline Emma Jackson born 29th Aug: 1816 Thursday 111 in the day

Left the Rectory 17th May after living there 21 years and 7 months. 1831

John Jackson left me 21st June 1830, returned 1855

Mary Caroline Jackson left Louth 12th April 18?? for London.

I left Charlotte 14th July 1845 Monday morning.

Capt. John Butler and Elizabeth Lydia Howard were married 18th April 1796.

Peter Butler was born Oct 11th 1797

John Butler was born 22nd June 1799. Dead.

William Butler was born 31st March 1801. Dead.

Lydia Elizabeth Butler was born 24th Dec 1802. Dead.

John Butler was born 21st Aug: 1804

George Butler was born 20th April 1806. Dead.

Percy Llewellyn was born 29th July 1807, died 1855;.

Elizabeth Louisa Butler was born 1st May 1809

Mark Butler was born 6th Jany 1811. Dead.

Mr Jackson was confirmed in Louth by the Bishop of Lincoln 30th July 1812

George Jackson was confirmed in Louth by the Bishop of Lincoln 12th July 1815

William and John Jackson were confirmed in Louth by the Bishop of Lincoln 29th July 1818

Mary,Charlotte & Elizabeth all confirmed 21st July 1822 ;In Louth.

Capt John Welch and Frances Howard married 22nd May 1805.

Thomas F Clarke birthday 26th Decr 1802

Richard Paddison birthday 16th Jany 1801

I came to Totteridge with Caroline's children and servants 4th October 1855 (1858?) Caroline came in the morning of the same day.

Hannah confirmed in July 1825 in Louth

Edward confirmed July 1828 in Louth

Caroline Emma confirmed in August 1848 by the Bishop of Lincoln B.J.Kay.

Mrs Jackson left England 19th March 1845 by overland; and arrived from Calcutta in April 1848 by overland with a little girl.

Mrs Howard born June 20th 1791 (1781?-nv)

Robert Howard married to Miss Maria Wroughton the 12th Nov: 1808

Elizabeth Howard born of the above 1809 July 26t. Died 5th November 1823 in a rapid decline

Charles Robert Howard born 8th July 1812 (Feb 1812? - ghj)

Edward Frank Dickson Howard born the 9th day of August 1813.

Maria Elliott Howard born Aug 30th 1815

Mary Howard born Nov. 27th 1816.

Dinah Margaret born Dec 2nd 1820

Charles Paddisson left England August 1842. 1 went on board and took leave 12th Aug: 1842

Charles Paddisson left in July 1842,

Tom Clarke left in July 1844.

John Clarke left in July 1844.

Eliza Howard arrived in England Oct 1815

Her two brothers arrived in March 1819

Eliza Howard came here 7th Oct 1815, her brothers 6th April 1819

John Butler left us the 26th December 1820

William Butler came here the 28th Sept 1821

William Jackson left us 20th March 1828

Howard left us 26th April 1820 (1826? - ghj) arrived here 0th May 1827

Mrs Howard arrived; in England in May, came here on July 26th 1827 and left me the 5th Nov 1827

Howard left me the 12th Dec 1827 sailed 6th Jan 1828

Mrs Howard left England April 1828 with her daughter.

Dear John left me 21st June 1820

Howard left me in July 1829, arrived in Sep 18??. Sailed May 1838 (1831?) arrived in Febv 1832.

Parted with Hannah Thos: Candy 4th June 1832

Parted with Howard in Jan'y 1833 and he left (PIOLET - ghi.)

In June 1833. Arrived in June 1835 and parted with me July 18th 1835 only 6 days in Louth.

Parted with Howard in March 1837 and left England July 1st 1837

William Meyers born July 12th 1788

George Monat Keith born January 5th 1760

George Jackson born January 5th 1760

John Butler born Auq 21st 1767

James Lewis Jackson, son of George Jackson was born 29th Sept 1799 left us 22nd May 1814

Children that I am Godmother:

Betsy Frank was christened in Feb 1797 and Jackson godfather

Peter Butler was christened Jan 11th 1798 and Jackson godfather

Anne Wa?ton was christened in Dec 1800

Ann Lynch was christened in Oct 1800 and Jackson godfather

Ann Cooke was christened Aug 24th 1801

John Hodges was christened Feb 1798

Jack Hudson was christened 1793

George Leith was christened July 1804

William Henry Hudson was christened 14th February 1806

Elizabeth Louisa Butler was christened 1809

Elizabeth Mary Ellerton was christened Jan 1825

John ? Butler was christened 1828

George Jackson was christened 8th March 1801 by the Rev. Linireek (?). Godfather John

Butler and John Bannister Hudson and Godmother L.E. Butler

William Jackson christened 17th October 1802 by the Rev. David Brock. Godfather William Meyers,

And William (J?) Howard. Godmother Mrs E Howard. Christened in Calcutta at the new church.

John Jackson christened 19th December 1804 at the St John's church Hackney. Godfather Mr ? Brown

and G Jackson. Godmother Elizabeth Butler

Mary Elizabeth Jackson christened 1st October 1806 at the St John's church Hackney.Godmothers

Mrs Maragret Hudson and Mrs Elizabeth Brown. I stood for Mrs H Godfather. Godfather Mr Brown.

Charlotte Jackson christened 16th March 1808 at St Johns Hackney. Godmother Lady (F?) Keith and

Mrs E Butler. Godfather Captain T Butler.

Hannah Maria Jackson christened 28th November 1810 in North Reston. Godmother Mrs E Brown and

Mrs Jackson. Godfather Mr Jackson.

Howard Jackson was christened 15th December 1812 in North Reston. Godmother ? Godfather

Captain Welsh and Jackson (I stood for Mrs Brown)

Children born at North Reston in 1810:

Edward Ellis January 29th

William February 19th

Hannah Maria April 9th

?Sam Flint married to Belty/Becky Shipworth 22nd ?

Children born 1811 at Reston

Askey (?) Girl March 1st

1812 - Betty(?) Altin(?) had a boy on 18th March 1812

Unemia Ellis had a daughter 16th June 1812

Nanny Witherho(?) had a son 27th July

Howard 21st December 1812

Nanny Alice had a son January 1813

Mary Goodwin had a son 29th January 1814

? Noble married Jonathon Robin the 8th March 1814

Edward Altin(?) died 16th August 1814

Betty(?) Altin(?) died 26th January 1816 she was the wife of the above

Mary Ar? Had a son in January 1816

Uni (Unemia) Ellis had a boy in May 1816

Edward Shipworth died 2nd April 1816 age 72. He went to bed in perfect health and expired suddenly two hours after.

Mackey(?) was married had a boy June 1811

Betty Robinson had a girl Sept 1818. She was married at Burwell

Uni Ellis had a son in ?? 1820

Phillis had a ?? and she died 24th April... died in decline 34 years of age

John Chatterton married to Sophia Maria 14th May 1822 both? Sisters to Mr Noble

Edward Jackson married 12th February 1815 by the Rev Fr B..enny at North Reston in the house

Edward Jackson and Caroline Emma both christened the 20th November 1816 by the Rev Daniel Corrie

in the house Godmother for Eward Mrs ? I stood for ? Brown and godfather Thomas Noble and Mrs Jackson godmother for Caroline Emma. Mrs Corrie and Mrs Walker and Rev Daniel Corrie godfather.

Polly Ellis died 4th October 1822 aged 10 years

Phillipson married 1823 (March) and a son born 1823

John Ellis died 27th March in a decline age near 28 in 1823

Phillipson's wife had a daughter March 1825

Phillipson's wife had a daughter March 1826

Phillipson's wife had a son March 1828

Sally Mackey (Makey?) married to Porteous (or Porteus) March 1839

Phillipson had a son March 1831

Calcutta Dear sister Ellerton departed this world 20th January 18?? (pos 1848) age 86.

George Jackson was inoculated in Calcutta and he had the measles in England 1807. Also he had scarlet fever. More inoculations and illnesses listed but not transcribed.

Mary Brown departed this life 20th January 1849 age 63 highly respected by all who knew her.

Sarah Rockliffe departed this life Jan 1850

Dear Mrs Pulcy(?) departed this life March 1850

Peter Butler departed this life in August 24th aged 55years 1854

Pearce Butler departed this 1ife, a fall from his horse in a fit, and died January 1855 aged 48

Mrs William Jackson married to Major Jones the 3rd Nov 1843 (1845? - ghj)

My beloved granddaughter Mary Anne Paddison departed this life on 2nd July Aged 12 Years and 8 months

William Butler departed this life the 30th May 1848

Mrs Glasson (Grasson ? _ ghj) departed this life 23rd April in child bed and her darling babe Easter Sunday

Dear Sister Maria Keith departed this life 27th March 1851 aged 72 to her heavenly father

22nd April 1853 Sophy Frances Jackson departed her soul into the hands of her Maker after her voyage aged 44

J (or T?) F Clarke my son in law died at Lambeth 29th Mar 1834 aged 32*

Mrs Welch died July 2nd July 1834 near 48 years

An infant of William dead 1834 July

My beloved Hannah Maria Candy departed her heavenly soul into the hands of her God the24th November 1834 aged 24 years and 7 months

An infant of William 2nd July 1835

Mrs Corrie departed this life 21st December 1835 aged 47 years and 8 months

Biship Corrie departed this life February 5th 1837 aged 59 Shrove Sunday

The infant son of George 28th January

Lydia 1838 aged 7 months. George?

The infant daughter of Edward Jackson and Sophia aged 8 months and 6 days 1838. Sophia Frances

My dear beloved William departed this life the 15th November 1838 aged 36 and 2 months 8 days

Maria Howard departed this life 1840 aged 24

Louisa Hardington Frank? R.W. Paddisson departed this life January of that 1841 aged 11 years

Cicelia Catherin Keith died 15th February, Shrove Tuesday 1820 aged 3 years and 7 months

Mrs Ellerton Senior died September 1820

My beloved husband died in a fit the 20th April about 1 0'clock in the morning 1823, Sunday

Mrs Noble, sister to the above died 28th May 1823

George Keith died 20th March 1823 in Africa

Eliza Emily Howard died 5th November 1823 aged 14 years and 3 months 10 days in a rapid decline

James Jackson died the 17th April 1825 on a Sunday

My beloved mother departed this life the 6th September 1825 aged 78

Georgianna Hannah Ellerton infant died 1827 20th April

Dear Margaret had a still born child girl 1827

March 1829 Mr Noble died, 93.

Mrs Tiverton died 28th November 1829 aged about 70

George Noble Junior died at sea 1829

Captain Candy dies 3rd March 1831

My brother departed his life the 6th January 1831 aged 42

G.M. Keith departed 22nd July 1832 cholera

Captain Welsh died 6th June 1832

John Ellerton Jackson my dear grandson departed his soul into sleep December 1832 aged 16 months

Mr P F Ellerton departed 18th October 1833

My dear father died 18th August aged 46 in the year 1795

George Jackson died in February 8th 1798 aged 3 years 1 month 29 days

Elizabeth Keith departed her life on the same day, she was born November 6th 1794

George Magnus Keith departed his life April 1798

John Butler departed his life the 3rd March 1802 aged 2 years, 8 months 9 days

Betsy Butler departed her life the 24th April 1804 aged 16 months

William J Howard departed his life 21st August 1807 aged 23 ? 14 days

Thomas and Mary Elizabeth - Edward Jackson Clarke (23/7/1831)

James and Mary Elizabeth - James Howard Clarke (12/2/1837).

George Monat Keith Clarke (31/10/1838)

Mary Jane Clarke christened 1842

Charlotte Clarke born 1844

Hannah Maria Clarke in 1847

George Butler departed his life the 4th March 1812 aged 5 years 10 months and 12 days

Mark Butler departed his life 1812 the 16th August aged 1 year and 7 months and 10 days

Captain John Butler died 1st September 1812 aged 46 years and 10 days

Sarah Tiverton died in June 1815 aged 30 years

Emily Corrie died 16th June 1815 aged 6 months

Fanny Tiverton died 2nd June 1814

Mr Myers died 19th January 1817

General Taylor died 6th December 1817 at sea

Anne, daughter of the above, died 1st April 1818

William M Keith died at Batavia 4th December aged near 21

John Corrie died 7th April 1818

Copies similar to the enclosed have been sent to the following descendants of George Jackson HEIG it is possible that you may know of others, if such be the case, I should be glad to forward the information to any address you may be kind enough to give me.

I want the work to be as complete as possible.

  1. Mrs Leslie Stevens
  2. Mrs Date c/o Mrs Edward Jackson 14, Ferndale, Teignmouth
  3. Miss Jackson c/o Mrs Edward Jackson 14, Ferndale, Teignmouth
  4. Mrs Edward Jackson c/o Mrs Edward Jackson 14, Ferndale, Teignmouth
  5. Hon Fraser, Hyderbad, India
  6. Mr and Mrs William Jackson, 7, Park Hill, Richmond
  7. Mrs Wale, Mrs Brough, Mrs Tabb, 10, Canterbury Road, Herne Bay
  8. Drs George Clarke, Snr and Jnr 25, Gerard Street, West London
  9. Dr Howard Clarke and Howard Clarke Esq LLO 52, Shaftesbury Avenue, West London
  10. Revd John Jackson, South Reston Vicarage, Nr Louth, Lincolnshire
  11. Mrs Keller and Miss K Jackson, Cricklewood, East Sheen, Surrey
  12. Alfred Howard Jackson, Dunbarry Estate, Poole Belte, S. Coorg, India
  13. Douglas Jackson Dunbarry Estate, Poole Belte, S. Coorg, India
  14. Mr Harold Wood 148 Palewell Park, East Sheen
  15. ?? Blizzard Esq. London, Ontario, Canada
  16. Alan Jackson Esq. S. Coorg, India
  17. Revd William Harding, Mulgrave(?) Vicarage, Banbury, Oxon
  18. Owen Paddisson Esq
  19. Edward Paddisson Esq. Downham, Stroud, Gloucestershire
  20. H. Jackson Esq RNR Lieut. 7, Maruis Road, Balham, London
  21. Revd. Ironmonger, Shillong, Assam, India
  22. W E Madge Esq. C/o The Imperial Library Calcutta
  23. P. McGuire Esq. C/o The Imperial Library Calcutta
  24. These gentlemen have been kind enough to give me valuable information
  25. Gerald Jackson, Bank of Bengal, Calcutta

nv - I am a bit confused at the moment, GHJ's handwriting makes it difficult to distinguish between J's and T's. To further compound the problem, looking on the LDS site for the children, I can only find George Monat Keith Clarke (31/10/1838), Edward Jackson Clarke (23/7/1831) and James Howard Clarke (12/2/1837). George and James are noted as being christened in Westminster and Lambeth and having father James Fernandez Clarke, Edward is noted as being christened in Stamford, Lincoln and having father Thomas Fernandez Clarke. The LDS site also has a note of the marriage between Mary Elizabeth Jackson and Thomas Fernandez Clarke on 18 October 1827in London. PS now found Mary Jane Clarke christened 1842 and Charlotte Clarke born 1844 and Hannah Maria Clarke in 1847 all in London father James Fernandez Clarke

On 5/4/02 received this from Rob Darlington - We can now formally welcome Nikki Vine as a third cousin once removed from Wendy and David. The birth registration for Eleanor Clarke, born 21 June 1840 arrived today. The clerk was very thoughtful. Father is shown as James Fernandez Clarke, a Surgeon. Mother is "Mary Elizabeth Clarke, late Clarke, formerly Jackson" Under residence it says she lived at St. James’s, Westminster "on a visit at Louth". Of course when I started to find the three daughters of George M K Clarke I had no doubts. Why else would GHJ contact them if they were not family? But isn’t it revealing how the folks of that time kept track of their relatives? Now I have to rewrite sections of their story.


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